would it be beautiful?

or a beautiful disaster?

la chicquita.
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Meh. I am awesome. The end.

Just kidding kids. I'll tell you more.

I am almost eighteen (scary thought) and currently use to be a senior at Washburn (woot). I seem like a pretty cool kid, don't I? Probably because I am a very cool kid. So if you think your cool, read this shit here. If you don't think you're cool, go find some self confidence because confidence is really hott. On THAT note....

I'm in love with: my computer, my friends, food of any kind, RPing, my awesome music,
movies, THE OC, hot ass guys like CHANNTING TATUM, drool, (Him+Me=Love), shopping,
Harry Potter and pirates.

I am not in love with: graduating, lord of the rings, el parentals, mean people, teachers,
school, homework, and Connor.

Haha, just kidding Connor. I luff you.

Proud third member of JA.

Ummm... what else, what else. Oh yeah. This:

{ wear }

costa rica is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Clue is Murderously Fun Love

Greg Sanders is Hot Lab Rat Love

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is Love

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is Love

Draco Malfoy is Love

The Original Trilogy is Love

Han Solo is Love

Princess Leia is Love

The Prequels are Love

Anakin Skywalker is Love

Blink182 is Love

Puss in Boots is Love

And thats basically it.

El fin.

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